Banksy election freebie recalled

So, I’m reading the news this morning and I read this article about how the Banksy ‘free election print’ has been cancelled due to it being possibly illegal.

Basically it’s a criminal offence for any voter to accept or agree to accept a gift or similar in return for voting or refraining from voting.

What does it all mean

So. Basically. This free print was going to be given to any voter who voted against Conservatives. They would need to send a photo of their ballot paper as proof of this.

The issue here is that doing this offer would basically invalidate the election results.

This really shows the power of what a freebie can do, or the fear it can give people of what it can do.

I, personally, can understand though. People may sway for this offer and it offers an unfair result. However, companies that offer freebies are looking to sway your wants and wallet toward them too.

Step away from the politics

I’m not going to make this about politics, I’m steering well away from that subject. I just wanted to use this as an example of the power of freebies.

Its also a reference to sites that list free stuff about what to steer away from. I saw a few of the sites I view daily list this offer and then I saw a few very sensibly not listing. Personally, if I listed freebies then I would not have listed this one. I stay away from religion and politics and subjects of great debate.

However, maybe this will just plant that seed that any freebie comes with some sort of offer. Most of them are just your email or mailing address. A percentage of people will purchase after a feeebie so the companies have percentages of conversion.

On that, here a tip of what I like to do; I read this on one of the websites somewhere. Create an email address with hitmail, gmail or similar. Then use this for all your freebie sign ups. That way your regular email doesn’t get filled with emails of offers

Keep on grabbing

Just remember, Keep grabbing those freebies. There are some fun Ines out there. I got some cuddly toys for kids off one of them.

What do you think about this Banksy offer? Was it wrong? Leave me a comment below.

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