Do store cards really work?

It’s a question that some may ask? Do store cards work? Do you get freebies or money off with them? Well, here is my experience with just 3 store cards – I will let you judge for yourself.


So, the first card I wanted to talk about is my Nectar. I would say that for pound for pound it’s difficult to say which of the 3 cards has given me the best money off – but my nectar card is edging to the top.

Now, to begin with; store cards don’t just give you free stuff. You have to earn points, which is done by buying stuff.

Nectar, unlike some cards though, didn’t just stick with a single store. Nectar went far; I have Nectar points when I buy on eBay. I get Nectar points when I spend in Sainsbury’s and there are a few other places I earn points from too.

Because of this, the points mount up quick; I’ve never gone beyond about 5000 myself as I end up using them.

I’ve used these points to buy a PC game once; something I wanted that was around £30 at the time. These days I use my points to get money off my shopping at Sainsbury’s. I tend to build up enough to get £1o or more off my shopping ever 2-3 months or there about.

I believe Nectar works well. OK, you earn points by buying items; but I would be buying those items anyhow so it’s giving me a bonus back. Free money off my shopping.

Tesco Clubcard

The good old Tesco Clubcard. O, I’ve had many a freebie with this one. At one point I was putting all my petrol in at Tesco. I was spending £100 a week at one point on petrol so the points mounted quickly.

What happens is that at the end of a specific time (It’s something like 1-3 months; I’m not sure) they get added into a total and vouchers are created.

What you can do is; if you don’t spend those vouchers the amounts build up in your account – I believe they are usually good for a year or two. You can then save them and spend them on bigger items. You can even put them towards money off things like holidays.

What we used to do, when I lived closer to Lego Land in Berkshire; was save them up and get years pass for free. That was a year’s job for 1 of my kids for no extra cost on what I was already spending. Tesco’s petrol was one of the cheapest to boot so extra savings.

These days we just let them build up, then one of the months when we need them use them for shopping – I recently bought £30 worth of shopping with them.

Again, for me, I believe this card works and has given me many freebies. Again, you may say ‘You had to spend to earn the points’. However, I did not go in and use Tesco exclusively and so only bought what I would have bought anyhow.


What, Waitrose. Are they not one of the more expensive shops? Yes, would be my answer. However, the Waitrose card offers one of the best offers. This has recently changed though.

It used to be that if you went into Waitrose with your store card you could get a free coffee. However, it has changed so that you now have to buy something. However, there is no minimum amount so you could spend 1p (if you could find something that cheap) and get your coffee free.Waitrose Card

What we do though is visit our local store that has a cafe. So, we take the kids along. They have a cookie each which is around 50p. They have tap water to wash it down and I (or my wife) get a free coffee. That’s a cafe visit with cookies and a coffee for just £1.

The Waitrose store card offers great free stuff. I believe, if you spend over a certain amount you also can get a free newspaper – though I never spend anything more than £2 (if I want a cake with my coffee).

For me, my most used store card is the Waitrose one. And if you work out that you are saving around £2.20 or so each time – you get a big amount of freebie coffee from there.

My conclusion is…

Store cards work. They work for me. They have given me free items, goodies, and coffee many times. I never go out of my way to spend money in these stores; I only spend as I would normally.

What store cards do you use? Do they save you money or give you freebies? I’d love to hear so drop a comment below.

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