If free stuff actually free?

I’ve seen this question asked many many times over the past number of years that I have been finding and signing up for freebies. Over this time I have used many sites and sources to find free stuff, I must say that not all freebie sites are equal. Let me try and answer this question; at least answer it with my thoughts on the subject.

Is free stuff really free?

I would say, short answer, no. However, let me reason out why. When I talk about free, I’m not just talking about the money aspect. Most will look at a freebie; a free item; and say ‘That cost me nothing’ which is true when talking about money.

However, in most cases, to get that free item sent to you; you would have needed to give over your email address or postal address. In most cases both. This is your payment to them; they now have somewhere they can send promotional material. Some sites, you can tick the box saying please don’t send me any of this stuff – but they still have your name, address, email and so on.

This is payment for that freebie you got. This is what I meant by the answer no… you pay with information. These days, information is more valuable than the cost of a sample.

Does this mean we should avoid samples and other freebies?

Do you need to avoid free samples? No, of course not. Freebies give us the opportunity to try new things and sometimes grab some great free stuff.

What I would say is to be cautious on the information you give away. You could also have a separate email and maybe pay as you go phone that you can use when signing up for free items and schemes. You would know then that your regular email will not fill with marketing material and any calls on this pay as you go phone could be ignored if you so wanted.

Keep it separate and you will never go wrong.

Not all freebies are equal

The other things I wanted to add is that not all freebies are equal in quality or quantity.

I’ve received some items that are of fantastic quality. A couple of kids kangaroo teddies for example where brilliant. Then I’ve got some freebies that were a much lesser and lower quality – I won’t name and shame…

The same goes for fragrances. Some come with a few days worth of sample (around 4ml – 7ml) and some come on a single pad that you can’t even use for 1 day.

Just remember that the item didn’t cost any money (note I didn’t say cost you anything) and that will help you to shrug off those lesser qualities or quantity samples.

So, are freebies real?

Just in case you’ve not inferred from this post; freebies are real. Money wise, you get them for free. But are they completely without cost – well, in my opinion now as you pay with your info.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with me? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this subject.

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