Really Free Stuff

Look, the first post on this lovely new and refreshed site. I wanted to start by talking about Free Stuff and how it relates to home improvement.

How does this relate to home improvements?

Many people don’t think or take it for granted. But Free Stuff plays a big part in our home improvements endeavors.

“What do I mean?” you may well ask? Well, for a start, how many of you have gone along to a DIY store and taken a cutting of some wallpaper? Brought it home with you and put it against the wall to see how it looks. I know I have.

But more than that, these days you can get free samples of some paints. You usually have to pay postage but the paints free. Or what about the free colour cards you can take home

These days, you can even download free apps to your phone that give you a virtual look at how that wall will look painted a particular colour.

Free helps us decorate our homes.

Wait, it can go beyond that…

Even more than that… I know I have seen and entered competitions to try and grab a free Yankee Candle or such. I’ve entered far more than that, I’ve even entered free competitions to get a bathroom makeover or a nice new sofa.

Ok, so these may not be the usual freebies where we grab this item or that. but at the end of the day, they are still free to enter competitions that could result in a free item or items that go towards my home improvement.

But wait.. there is even more

I’ve talked about free paint and paper samples. I’ve talked about free to enter competitions. But there are also free samples of items that can be used to individually style parts of your house.

As an example… In my office, I have a chair, a desk with a computer on it. I have pictures and the general items you find in an office. However, I have one free item I picked up that is not in most office.

Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass

I have a free sample of artificial grass under my desk. Yes, this is some free stuff I picked up to both individualize my office, but at the same time, it serves a great purpose. I can take my shoes and socks off and feel it underneath my feet. I may not be able to go outside…. but I can feel the outside while I am sitting at my desk.

How wonderful is that? The best thing is, it was free. It was a free sample, I just used it in a way that gave me some individual and useful feature in a place that most would not. I got that idea from reading a post of two by the way.

What about the free magazines

What about them? What are they you ask? Well, many companies that do things such as kitchen makeovers and the like generally have free magazines they give away. These are great for ideas.

Many estate agents have magazines around with details and designs. Go to most supermarkets and they have free magazines, many with articles that can give you ideas.

I’d say that these are one of the best resources for ideas when designing.

Finally, free software

I’ve talked about free apps for illustration and virtual reality of paints and colours but there are other great free products out there. Free softare that can help you put your design from your head into 3D.

Free stuff is good for home improvements

I hope that this post has really opened your eyes to how free stuff helps with home improvements. Getting samples, winning competitions, getting ideas and seeing your designs in virtual space. All this helps you improve what was most likely a great design in your head in the first place.

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