Top 5 Freebies

I have so many freebies favorites

I’m not sure if I can limit it to 5, but here goes. Let me order them from 5 to 1, 1 being more most, best favorite and 5 being.. well I like it a lot.

5) Fragrance samples

Who can’t have this on their list? Everyone surely loves a great fragrance, either it being an aftershave or perfume. We all do it, go to a department store and sniff the samples.. Then spray some of our favorites on.

But this favorite pick is a little beyond that. Now, not all samples come equal; I’ll start with that. I have received samples which were sealed foil and inside a small pad with the fragrance on. You could maybe get a little on yourself by rubbing the pad on your skin… but it’s not a lot.

My favorite are those that send you something like a 4-7ml spray bottle. The sample you can spray on yourself several times. I’ve used one of these before over a span of a week; or long weekend. This is the reason it’s in my top 5 – because of the good size samples you get; not the stingy ones.

4) Posters

Now, this may not make it into most people’s top 5; but for me, it’s at number 4. Why? Really because my kids love them. I can get things such as wildlife posters or countryside posters or things in between and far apart.

They love to stick some of them up on the walls; some of them get cut up and made into artwork. It’s great fun for them and it cost me nothing but a form fill. That’s why it’s at number 4 for me.

3) Personal items

Now, this could be a BIG breakdown. I couldn’t think of another category for this so I am clubbing them all together.

When I talk about personal items; I am talking about the free razors I received and the free soap samples and more of the same.

Over the time I have been signing up for freebies I have grabbed a few of these items. I still have a Mach 5 razor in my cupboard just waiting to be opened. It’s not the only one, but it’s certainly the best razor I have got for free.

These personal items come up from time to time and I just love to grab them.

2) Books

I’m a great lover of knowledge. I love to learn new things and this is the reason my number 2 pick is books.

Free books come in all shapes, sizes, and formats. I have found and received free books from places such as The Open University. These are generally as part or to go in hand with a TV show or similar.

There are free books for kids I have found, such as one on a child character using the elevator and the tooth fairy.

Then there are the free ebooks. I could break this up even more as there are ebooks that people have created on a subject and there are the free Kindle books I find listings on sites for from time to time.

I’m got free ebooks on photography, using a computer, even blogging. Knowledge opens up many things which is why books are at my number 2.

1) Computer software

Ok, time for my number 1 pick. The thing I am using now, the thing you are most likely using to read this (it could be a phone, tablet or computer) uses software. A computer uses programs, phones and tablets they call them apps. Regardless of the name, its a piece of computer software.

On phones and tablets we’re mostly used to free apps but on a computer its not been so much so. Many years ago I remember buying computer magazines to grab the free disk, then cd, followed by DVD, for the free software. However, it wasn’t really free as you had to buy the magazine.

These days though there are thousands of free programs that do most anything you want. Some of them are lite versions of commercial products, some are released free for a limited time. However, Open Source has so much free software, you don’t need to spend money on commercial products.

You can pick up open source office packages, games, image and video editors. You can pick up a free piece of software to do most anything.

It personally saves me the greatest amount of money. It’s something I use every day and so it is my number 1 pick.

Thats my top 5

There you have it, that’s my top 5 pick. Everyone is different and I am sure  you don’t agree with some of those. So why not leave a post below and let me know what are you top 5 favorite types of freebie.

I look foward to reading them all.

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